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Why first connect?

Get a full year of coverage.
Save time and money.
Gain professional advice.
Share the profits.
Help your community.
Get extra mile service.

Get a full year of coverage.

We offer affordable rates for yearly protection. That means you’ll know your costs a full year in advance.  It’s another way we help you plan your budget stress-free.

Save time and money.

Your monthly premium payments are auto debited, so no more snail mail bills or checks to cut, and your down payment is the same as your monthly payment.  And we let you pick the day that’s best for you for your payment to be debited.

Gain professional advice.

We work with local professionals who advise you on how to meet your specific needs. They live, work, and play near you; they’re not in a distant call center.  They want to serve you when you need them, but leave you alone when you don’t.

Share the profits.

We offer you a unique profit sharing plan.  If you remain claims-free for a year, we’ll share up to 5% of your annual premium with you as a way of saying thanks for being a loyal First Connecter. 

Help your community.

Make a difference with our exclusive First Connector Switch, Drive, and Support program.

Switch your car insurance to First Connect.

Drive claims free for a year.

Support the non-profit of your choice with a check in your name for 10% of your annual premium.

Get extra mile service.

There are many reasons to have confidence in First Connect. We always go the extra mile for you with services like:

Your safety and comfort is our first concern. If you’re stranded at the scene of an accident, we’ll dispatch a town car to take you wherever you want to go.

You always get to choose where to get your car fixed, not us.

We allow $200.00 for towing and labor per occurrence.

Say goodbye to exhausting your rental car limits with $5,000 per year.

No more nickel and diming because we pay off your lien holder in full.

What we Believe

At First Connect, we know that car insurance isn’t something you want to think about too much. You just need to have the peace of mind that it’s there for you at an affordable price. We’ve created a company that is  built around serving our customers, first and foremost. We believe our primary job is to carefully listen to you every step of the way. If there are bumps in the road (so to speak), our job is to keep improving and never take you for granted.

Our six core values are to-

  • Use common sense.
  • Be open, honest, and humble.
  • Deliver on our promises.
  • Treat you fairly and respectfully.  
  • Support our local communities.
  • Be there when you need us.

At First Connect, our wish for you is to have green
lights and blue skies wherever you go.