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Pacific Specialty Insurance Company

Pacific Specialty Insurance Company - Property, Powersports, Liability

Product Niches:

  • Property
    • Homeowners - vacant, rental, seasonal and owner-occupied dwelling coverage
    • Manufactured Home - all occupancies, including tenant
    • Condo Coverage – owner, rental and seasonal occupancies
    • Earthquake – standalone or provided alongside a Pacific Specialty property policy
  • Powersports
    • Street Motorcycle – genuine insurance for real riders
    • Off Road – for all your toys and accessories
    • Boat - Keeping your boat in the water with the highest level of tailored protection
    • Personal Watercraft - Reliable, trustworthy and affordable insurance for your personal watercraft
  • Liability
    • Personal Umbrella – Protect your assets with liability protection up to $2 million over and above your home or vehicle policy
    • Comprehensive Personal Liability – When your primary policy does not offer liability coverage, this standalone CPL can provide up to $500,000 CSL

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