FAQs - First Connect Insurance

How can First Connect help my agency grow?

We are fully dedicated to your success by providing access to the best Insurtech markets and carriers. Often, these innovative platforms are only available direct to consumers. But we’ve created an exclusive platform that allows select agencies to take advantage of this major shift in the insurance industry.

What are the major advantages of First Connect?

  • We’re speedy. Faster, real-time quotes and binding in only three minutes.
  • We’re innovative. Modern coverage for the modern lifestyle.
  • We’re free. There is no charge to join or access our platform.
  • We’re simple to use. Our agency interface is easy to use and training is fast, too.

Will you be adding more markets and carriers?

Yes, we are constantly talking to new companies to find the best products and best carriers. We will be announcing new relationships on a regular basis through 2022.

How long before we can start writing new business?

Fast! Our sales team is ready to get you setup today.

What exclusive agent benefits will i receive by joining?

  • Advance your process flow by making paperwork a thing of the past.
  • Direct access to all quoting platforms providing quicker turnarounds so you can do what you do best – sell more!
  • With access to our Agency Connector, all your agency compliance documents, deposit accounts and commission statements are securely stored for your access 24/7.
  • These fantastic online and paperless features are available to you at no agency cost!

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