Changes to workers’ comp and commercial auto



Our goal is to effectively evaluate risk and provide competitively priced insurance products. However, in doing so, we occasionally need to adjust our appetite.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to make changes to workers’ comp and commercial auto to better serve our book.

Workers’ compensation

  • A moratorium on binding new business will take effect on July 20, 2022.
  • Non-renewals will begin for policies with effective dates ofNovember 1, 2022 and later for the following policies:
    • Workers’ comp policies with business locations in CO, KS, and TX
    • NCCI Hazard groups F-G

Commercial auto

  • Will be closed to new business as of July 20, 2022.
  • Non-renewals will begin for policies with effective dates of November 1, 2022 and later.

Please note:

  • Only quotes with a bind date prior to July 20, 2022 will be bindable.
  • Endorsements added to existing policies and changes that require the policy to be revised and reissued will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • This closure affects all states and classes of business.
  • Our commitment to helping you and your agency succeed remains unchanged. We appreciate your continued partnership.


The NEXT Agency Team

March 2022 Carrier Announcements


Pouch is your one stop for light/local mono line commercial auto.  

  • Policies can be quoted and bound on-line
    • Most quotes take only minutes
  • We accept both credit cards and EFT
  • 10% Discount for Paid in Full, 5% for monthly EFT
  • Our focus is on light/local commercial auto such as contractors, delivery services, pest control, etc.
  • We provide telematics to not only price the customer more accurately, but it allows the business owner to track their fleets when they are not around
    • Business owners know who is driving safely and who is not
    • Business owners can better route their drivers

You can access our quoting site by clicking on this link:

Bookmark this page for future use and I encourage you to try a test quote to see how quick you can complete a quote.

Pie Insurance

Learn more


Important Product Changes for California

Clearcover Insurance Agency (“Clearcover”) will no longer be writing new business for Response Indemnity Company of California (“RICC”).

As a result of this, effective March 15, 2022, appointed agents will no longer be able to quote or bind any new RICC business through Clearcover’s Agent Portal. Pending quotes with effective dates of March 15, 2022, or later will not be accessible to view or bind.

We are optimistic that we will be back in the California market in some capacity in the near future and look forward to writing new business there again.

March 2022 Incentives


Calling all Utah Independent Agents!

Clearcover incentive

With modern quick access to rates, smart tech tools, a simple process, and a product customers love, we make it easy and stress-free for agents to sell Clearcover.

This March, we’re throwing in a little fun with our Clearcover Sell-To-Win Contest!:

Starting March 1st, Clearcover is running a contest, exclusive to independent agencies in the state of Utah, for a chance to win a $10,000 paid commercial for your agency!

  • The contest winners will be determined based on the highest number of qualifying Clearcover policies sold during the month of March. (M‌a‌r‌c‌h 1‌s‌t 1‌2‌:‌0‌0‌a‌m C‌S‌T-M‌a‌r‌c‌h 3‌1‌s‌t 1‌1‌:‌5‌9‌p‌m CDT).
  • This contest is exclusive to Utah independent agents. No entry required.
  • For policies to qualify for the contest, they must be in Utah with proof of prior and no state minimum liability limits.
  • The paid commercial will be co-branded with Clearcover, with a total value of $10,000.*
  • The paid commercial will be promoted with Youtube Ads for an entire month, with a total value of $2,500.*
  • In the event that there are multiple agencies in first, second, or third place, the tiebreaker will be based on the Net Written Premium.
  • Questions about the contest and selling Clearcover? Reach out to your Agency Account Manager, Clint Ledenican at(312) 767-3348.

*For Producer Use Only *Winners are solely responsible for any local, state or federal taxes that may apply to their prizes. Prizes are not transferable and no substitutions of the prizes are permitted.


Ethos Spring fling bonus! Get $150 per activation!

Ethos Spring Fling

February 2022 FC News

Quote Connector

We just launched our quote connector pilot program and hope to release to the new quoting tool to all agents in early February.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Closed for President’s Day

Our offices will be closed Monday, February 21, 2022 in honor of President’s Day

February 2022 Carrier Announcements

Mile Auto CAMile Auto TXWhat is Mile Auto
Who Could Use Mile Auto

Mile Auto

Now appointing agents in CA and TX!

Mile Auto is a pay-per-mile auto insurance company. Low mileage drivers can save money and feel safe about doing so. Customers do not have install a “black box” tracking device. They simply snap a photo of their odometer once a month. Great for remote workers!

Request Mile Auto Appointment


Commission Changes for Admitted Home Products in North Carolina

Over the past few years, the coastal markets have witnessed a fast-evolving market hardening. These changes have been at historic levels and increased the strain on companies that write in these markets. Factors include weather events, such as Hurricane Ida impacting multiple states, tornadoes, snowstorms and localized severe thunderstorms. Social inflation has also played a role in catapulting loss results as bad actors exploit loopholes in the system.  Due to these unfortunate conditions, we have been forced to take difficult actions in every aspect of our business.

Regrettably, this communication serves as notice of a reduction in commissions for our personal lines admitted products. Velocity Risk’s intention has always been to compensate our agents fairly for desirable coastal business, while also managing our capacity responsibly. Please know that we value your partnership through these tough times more than ever, and we remain committed to providing you with an A.M. Best market solution for your agency. Beginning March 1, 2022, all new and renewal personal lines admitted business for the following product will be subject to the new commission structure. The Commission First Connect will be providing will be 8% for new business and 6% for renewals.


Introducing: In-Portal Agent Servicing

Agent servicing just got easier.

We’re putting the power in your hands! We’re excited to announce that servicing is now live in the portal for policies in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Any future states we launch